6 Facilities Hostels Must Provide

6 Facilities Hostels Must Provide

Hostels are a great way to save on your budget while traveling. If you are smart, you can stay comfortably in a hostel for a long time without compromising on any convenience and facilities. You must learn how you can pick the best hostels while you travel. Some of the hostels can be problematic if they accommodate too many people in a single room. However, with the right planning and facilities, you can find yourself a quality stay. Here are ten facilities to look for in a hostel.

6 Facilities Hostels Must Provide


Cleanliness should be the first priority for hostels before they give away a room or bed to a new guest. They should always have staff to keep the hostel clean. A good hostel will make multiple rounds in a day or whenever a guest leaves to clean the premises. If the bathroom, common room, and beds are not clean, it will tell you everything about the hostel.


Hostels generally do not have attached bathrooms. You may have to share the bathrooms with others. However, make sure that you find a hostel that has the right ratio of people per bathroom. You do not have to wake up to find a line at the shower. The bathroom will also become dirtier with more people using it altogether.

Friendly staff

Any traveler would expect a friendly staff at the hostel that can understand them and take care of their small requirements. They should always be hospitable and answer your questions without any problem. Check for the reviews of the hostel and learn what the previous travelers have to say about the staff members of the hostel.

Common areas

If you are lucky, you can find a swimming pool on the hostel premises. However, all hostels have a common room or area where all guests can gather for interaction and activities. Hostels should take time to plan their common room. Good hostels have games, TV, magazines, etc., in the common room. The best hostels may even have a bar that can help everyone open up.

A kitchen

Modern hostels provide a kitchen where guests can quickly prepare their food or heat up something they bought from outside. Some hostels also provide a breakfast service. The kitchen should have the necessary appliances like a fridge and microwave. There should be enough utensils, cups, and bowls for every guest so they do not stress over a noodle bowl.


The location of the hostel is also an important factor. A convenient hostel should be nearby a bus station or even an airport so you can reach any place on time. It should be near the popular markets that you can visit for eating, shopping, partying, etc. Most importantly, the hostel should be located in a safe society, so you do not fear anything while staying alone.

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