Hostel Tips for Beginners

Hostel Tips for Beginners

Hostels are budget-friendly accommodation that travelers use while they are away from their homes. Hostels provide combined rooms and solo rooms at times. You can make new friends and visit the local attractions together if you are staying together as roommates. However, picking a safe and facilitated hostel can be a daunting process. We have compiled a list of tips for beginners to find themselves the right hostel.

Hostel Tips for Beginners

Cheapest is not the best

It is okay to save on your budget while finding a hostel, but cheapest does not always mean the best. Check the description of the hostel and make sure that it provides all the necessary amenities that you expect, including WiFi, clean sheets, a private shower, etc. Even if it costs a little extra, going for an expensive little hostel will keep you comfortable.


It is suggested that you pick a hostel near you’re bus station, train station, or airport. It will help you reach the stations quickly when you need to move to a new place. Staying close to these places will also help you reach your flight or train on time.

Hostel Tips for Beginners

Find breakfast

If your hostel can provide you breakfast, you will not have to worry about waking up early and go out to get food. A basic breakfast menu that includes eggs, coffee, bread, butter, etc., can be a great deal for travelers. Some hostels also have strict timings for breakfast, so make sure that you attend the table on time. You can also find new people in the kitchen and plan activities together.


Confirm that the hostel is secure for you and your belongings. A good hostel should have a locker room if you want to leave your stuff behind while going out. It should have security personnel in case you need any help. CCTV cameras are a must for hostels these days. Never compromise on your security and safety while staying in hostels.


The more amenities in a hostel, the more comfortable you will be. Check for the basic perks like WiFi, hot shower, bar, kitchen, terrace, etc. If the hostel does not allow you to enjoy and move around, you are as good as staying in prison. Check out their website, or ask your agent for pictures of the hostel before you book a room.

Hostel Tips for Beginners

Late check-outs

Some hostels can have rules that every guest will have to follow. Rules like late check-outs can be troublesome if you want to go out at night. You will be exploring a new destination, and you cannot have time as a constraint. Ask the staff of the hostel if you can check-in and check-out whenever you like and prefer a hostel that allows this.

Now that you are ready to book a room at one of the best hostels in your planned destination, make sure to interact with others, celebrate in the hostel events (if any), and enjoy your moments.

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